dfgs Anyone can sign up to be a member either monthly or annually at any time. Temporary passes are available by the day or week. There are no commitments contracts or initiation fees. You can cancel at any time although you will find plenty reasons to keep going. Many classes are included with your membership and there are member discounts for others. With your membership we will help you set goals and create a plan that will be a framework to get the results you want. We will do everything, but the work. That’s still going to be your job. Rest assured, you will have help every step of the way through support, resources, guidance and staying motivated. We offer a variety of membership options to provide discounts everywhere possible. Family memberships and senior memberships are two great ways to save on wellness. Our rates vary by location so call your local wellness center for up to date prices. Corporate Wellness All companies large or small can benefit from some type of wellness package. Our corporate wellness packages can be tailored to fit any company’s budget. The more employees that sign up the lower the rates can go and you will be amazed just how low they go. Gottsche can help you build healthy employees through fun and engaging programs. We offer programs with comprehensive baseline testing, incentives and continuous ways to help motivate you team or simply a way to make using a our facilities super affordable. [toggle title=”Wellness Forms”]

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